The Future of Enablement

The Future of Enablement

What we believe sets us apart at CSP is how we consider enablement an extension of our cybersecurity services.

What is enablement? The dictionary definition provides a simple explanation: the action of making something possible. We don’t only secure your data, staff, and digital ecosystems but we also help you realize and actualize, what is possible.

We believe IT is a fundamental component of every organization which provides endless possibilities for growing and evolving, along with various risks associated with those gains. With the advent of Generative AI, Microsoft Copilot, Digital Humans and Next-gen Automation, the possibilities are growing exponentially, and organizations that realize these competitive advantages will thrive in this brave new world!

However, with the advent of software subscription models (SaaS) a significant number of solutions have been adopted over the years without much understanding of the impact and direction of travel for company data. What we call in the industry “shadow IT” – software that is not sanctioned or governed – is a growing problem that requires far more visibility from specialized tools such as Cloud App Security Brokers.

We also believe that lots of software solutions, that are most likely free with your existing Microsoft licencing investment, are often misunderstood and underutilized and the possibilities for enablement and significant cost savings are missed. Planner, Loop, Copilot, Shifts, Viva, Forms. How many of these are well known in your environment? And, what is the current investment in third-party equivalents that might have become obsolete?

Our security and enablement service delivers a comprehensive knowledge base, delivery lifecycle, and framework, which is personalized to your digital landscape and needs. We setup various Microsoft Loops within your tenancy which allow us to collaborate with the right people at the right time, and work together seamlessly on strategic vision, documentation, best practice, and future goals. Keeping our clients in the ‘loop’ and ensuring transparency is key to our long-lasting relationships.

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In our next post we will underscore some of the most compelling reasons for partnering with a security and enablement service provider, such as:

– on-going rapid technology enablement (suitable to your core business)

– cost efficiency by eliminating obsolete vendors

– risk management that has expertise to help with complex IT challenges

– community engagement and adoption frameworks